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2018 exhibitions

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2017 exhibitions

Common Lineage: The Bensons

January 11 - February 9, 2017

Since 2005 Lee Benson, professor of sculpture and ceramics at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee has worked with his wife Betty, and later their four children, Zach, Aaron, Mary, and Sarah to make sculpture and public works. They work mainly in mixed media, the earth, stone, timber, wood, clay and 24k gold producing large-scale architectural forms as well as figurative, narrative monoliths. Residing across the country, they maintain five studios.

The Bensons have produced works from New York City to Australia and have had wide public recognition. They have also recently developed a relationship with Habitat for Humanity and Habitat for Humanity International to use materials used in their sculptures to be repurposed into homes throughout the community.

Their powerful works seem to always declare “We were on this earth!”

Staying Alive: The 70th Annual Student Art Competition

February 27 - March 19, 2017


Graphic Design: Jeff Baxter and Paul Schlacter
Fine Arts: Mike Calway-Fagen and Rob TarbellArt History: Dr. Charissa Terranova

MFA 2017

March 24-31
Anna Wehrwein, Corinna Ray, Abigail Lucien, and Jessica Gatlin

April 4-11
Jing Qin, Joshua Shorey, and Meg Erlewine

April 13-21
Geoff Silvis, Chris Spurgin, and Elysia Mann

Honors Exhibition 2017
Ellen Fullman: The Long String Instrument

June 24, 2017

As part of the Nief-Norf Summer Festival, The Ewing Gallery hosted Ellen Fullman's The Long String Instrument. Fullman gave a performance of "Harbors" with cellist Theresa Wong.



Recent Acquisitions
Dual Current: Inseparable Elements in Painting and Architecture

August 31 - October 10, 2017

Dual Current: Inseparable Elements in Painting and Architecture, curated by Gabriele Evertz, examines the relationship between painting and architecture in a contemporary context through color, shape, and theory.

The artists whose works are featured in this exhibition are: Josef Albers (American, born Germany, 1888–1976), Matthew Deleget (American, born 1972), Peter Dudek (American, born 1952), Cris Gianakos (Greek-American, born 1934), Michelle Grabner (American, born 1962), Lynne Harlow (American, born 1968), Changha Hwang (Korean, born 1969), Russell Maltz (American, born 1952), Rossana Martinez (Puerto Rican, born 1969), Kristine Marx (American, born 1969), and Manfred Mohr (German, born 1938). Their works link three-dimensional space and the picture plane to create radical new forms. Dual Current explores the relationship between painting and architecture, closely intertwined since the Renaissance.


Liquid Kingdom: Modeling an Architectural Proving Ground

an exhibition by Smout Allen
November 6 - December 8, 2017

Liquid Kingdom is a speculative design proposal for an environmental 'proving ground' of landscape and architectural installations, sited on the Isle of Sheppey in the Thames Estuary. The project responds to the Isle's unique character, 'shaped by separation, a sense of independence and abrupt contact with nature', and prepares it for the future demands of society and climate change.


2016 exhibitions

AIR Biennial 2016

January 14 - February 18, 2016

The presence of acclaimed artists—who have lived and worked in major cultural centers across the country—enhances the educational opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the University of Tennessee School of Art. With daily contact over the course of a full semester, resident artists develop a unique relationship with the student body which complements the creative stimulation offered by guest lecturers and the School of Art's faculty. Representing diverse ethnic, cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds, these resident artists introduce another layer of candor and a fresh artistic standard for the students who, though early in their formal art studies, are beginning to develop their own perceptions, skills, and theories in connection with the making of art.

Exhibiting Artists:

Molly Zuckerman-Hartung
Aliza Nisenbaum
Caitlin Keogh
Dominic Terlizzi

69th Annual Student Art Competition

February 29 - March 20, 2016

Begun in 1947 by C. Kermit Ewing, founder of The University of Tennessee School of Art, the annual student exhibition has become one of the oldest competitions in the country and one of the highlights of the Ewing Gallery's exhibition season. This competition has been an outlet for UT's talented students for 66 years, wherein countless works of art of every form and medium have been displayed and applauded by The University and Knoxville community.

The selection of a student art exhibition is a challenging but meaningful task, and we are grateful for this year's jurors: Pete Schulte and Amy Pleasant, Fine Arts, Bob Newman, Graphic Design, and Nathan Rees, Art History.

MFA 2016

In partial fulfillment of their graduation requirements, students pursuing the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree are required to mount a solo exhibition of work, and to defend their work during an oral examination in front of a faculty committee. Due to the number of graduate students enrolled in the UT School of Art, these exhibitions generally take the form of small groups of students presenting concurrent solo exhibitions in the gallery space.

Group 1: Kelsey Stephenson, Katherine Farley, and Tatiana Potts

Group 2: Martin Lang, Natalie Petrosky, Peter Cotroneo, and AJ Masterson

Group 3: Keely Snook, Ed MIller, BJ Alumbaugh, and Jade Hoyer

Honors Exhibition 2016

May 6 - June 10, 2016

Initiated by the Ewing's Director Sam Yates 26 years ago, this exhibition recognizes outstanding students graduating from The University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Art, College of Arts and Sciences; a Bachelor of Architecture or Bachelor of Science, Interior Design, a Master of Architecture, and a Master of Landscape Design from the College of Architecture and Design.

Selected by a School of Art Faculty Scholarship committee, eight art students from various art disciplines were chosen from the qualifying applicants for this year's exhibition. These students are Youn Lee, Brandon McBath, Ashley Layendecker, Mark Bender, Anna Weible, Santiago Ortiz-Piazuelo, Alex Rudd, and Alex Raykowitz.

The College of Architecture and Design participants were selected by the faculty-at-large, and by outside review teams. The students are: Alexis Porten, Maddie Mitchell, Tatum Rumsey, Adam Buchanan, Aaron Shugart-Brown, Trevor Mayes, Geneva Frank, David Berry, and Rebecca Gillolgy.


July 15 - August 28, 2016

ENCORE, an exhibition of the work of 11 graduates from the University of Tennessee School of Art living in Nashville, TN opens Friday, July 15. Exhibiting artists are: Jodi Hays, Rob Matthews, Sterling Goller-Brown, Brandon Donahue, Briena Harmening, Jonathan Lisenby, Mary Addison Hackett, David King, Lakesha Moore, Lain York, and Terry Thacker.

The Unbearable Flatness of Being

September 6 - 29, 2016

Atlanta-based artist Sarah Emerson creates paintings and installations that present viewers with highly stylized versions of nature that combine geometric patterns and mythic archetypes to examine contemporary landscape. Emerson’s lecture will be in A+A 109 at 7PM and is sponsored by the Ewing Gallery. A reception for Emerson’s exhibition, "The Unbearable Flatness of Being", will immediately follow the lecture in the gallery.


Liam Young

October 10 - 30, 2016

In collaboration with the University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design, October's exhibition will be a presentation of video projects by Liam Young.

Liam Young is a speculative architect who, in his own words, “operates in the spaces between design, fiction and futures”. With his London-based design think tank, Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today, he explores the future implications of emerging urban developments. Named by Blueprint magazine as one of 25 people who will change architecture and design, Young uses fiction and film to discuss probable futures.

The Lure of Maine

November 7 - December 11, 2016

Walter Hollis (Holly) Stevens arrived at UT in the fall of 1957. He was soon introduced to the work of his new Art Department colleague, Carl Sublett who was having a solo exhibition in UT’s Audigier Gallery. Sublett had arrived at UT only 2 years earlier at the request of the department’s founder Kermit Ewing to assist him with painting classes. From the newly formed friendship between Sublett and Stevens, sprang a strong professional bond that they shared for the remainder of their lives.

They enjoyed plein air painting and often traveled together to locations around Knoxville. In their own studio practice, they shared a workaholic attitude towards art production. As artists, they shared an intense studio commitment to painting and drawing.

They both, also, spent summers in Maine. Sublett’s wife Helen was a native of Maine. Her maternal grandparents were farmers on Deer Isle and her paternal grandparents were lobster fishermen in Port Clyde. Helen was born in Port Clyde and inherited her family’s home there. Carl and Helen spent every summer there. Steven’s family had purchased an old farmstead on Deer Isle in 1958. This also became a summer retreat for the Walter and his family. Both of the artists looked forward to visiting their summer homes where they were invigorated and inspired by Maine’s sensory filled environment.

Deer Isle is located on the eastern tip of Penobscot Bay while Port Clyde is on the bay’s western tip. Although across the bay from each other, a 2-hour drive by car separates the two towns. Therefore, Sublett and Stevens spent more time together in Knoxville than in Maine. However, they looked forward to sharing their summer work with each other on their return to Knoxville. They both continued the annual routine of spending the academic year in Knoxville and the summer in Maine until Stevens’ death on Deer Isle in 1980 and until Sublet’s retirement in 1982. After retirement, Sublett continued this annual travel routine until he and Helen permanently relocated to Maine in 2001. Sublett continued to paint there until his death in 2008.

The View Out His Window [and in his mind's eye]

November 7 - December 12, 2016

Jeffery Becton is a photographer and image-maker who lives on Deer Isle, a rocky and forested island off the coast of Maine. Becton makes work, in part, about his surroundings. The extraordinary sweeping coastal views that are such a part of daily life when one lives by the sea are often incorporated into his images. Equally critical is internal life, both the space inside the home (and the comfort and protection it provides from northern New England’s inclement weather), and the introspective and contemplative space that enlivens one’s imagination, which is no doubt encouraged in this stunning and remote location.

2015 exhibitions

IMG 1005   IMG 1007   IMG 1009   IMG 1013   IMG 0997   IMG 1002   IMG 1006   IMG 0996   IMG 0999   IMG 1001   IMG 0994   IMG 0981   IMG 0992   IMG 0986   IMG 0976   IMG 0985   IMG 0983   IMG 0991

2014 exhibitions

2014 Artist in Residence Biennial

January 9 - February 6, 2014

MIchael Berryhill, Jaya Howey, EJ Houser, and Patricia Treib.

Representing diverse ethnic, cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds, these resident artists introduce another layer of candor and a fresh artistic standard for the students who, though early in their formal art studies, are beginning to develop their own perceptions, skills, and theories in connection with the making of art. Although the resident artists present lectures during their stays, it is access to their works of art that is highly anticipated and valued by both the students and the faculty. Therefore, the Ewing Gallery has sponsored group exhibitions of these artists since the inception of the Artist in Residence Program in 1982.

67th Annual Student Art Competition

March 7 - March 14, 2014


Dr. Angela Ho - Art History
Pamela Jorden and John Pearson - Fine Arts
Michael Hendrix - Graphic Design

MFA 2014

In partial fulfillment of their graduation requirements, students pursuing the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree are required to mount a solo exhibition of work, and to defend their work during an oral examination in front of a faculty committee. Due to the number of graduate students enrolled in the UT School of Art, these exhibitions generally take the form of small groups of students presenting concurrent solo exhibitions in the gallery space.

Jonathan Lisenby, April Bachtel, Victoria Buck, Cierra Reppart, Jen Scheuer, Andrew Merriss, Daniel Ogletree, and Hannah Skoonberg

Honors Exhibition 2014

May 2 - June 5, 2014

Selected by a School of Art Faculty Scholarship committee, seven art students from various art disciplines were chosen from the qualifying applicants for this year's exhibition. These students are Lauren Beale, Lauren Hulse, Richard Ensor, Josie Henry, Paige Burchell, Marta Lee, and Hannah Barker.

The College of Architecture and Design participants were selected by the faculty-at-large, and by outside review teams. Exhibitors were: Amanda Gann, Daniel Zegel, Mallory Barga, Jenny Budde, Jennifer Stewart, Claire Kistler, and Leah Baker.

think / make / think

August 21 - September 21, 2014

Exhibition featuring the work of current professors in the School of Art. Exhibiting faculty are:

Joshua Bienko, Emily Bivens, Sally BrogdenJason S. BrownPaul Harrill, Paul Lee, Sarah LoweBeauvais LyonsFrank MartinAlthea Murphy-Price, John Powers, Deborah Shmerler, Jered Sprecher, Cary Staples, Claire StiglianiDavid WilsonKarla WozniakKoichi Yamamoto, and Sam Yates

Promiscuous Surfaces: Perry Kulper Drawn Out

October 2 - 26, 2014

Perry Kulper is an architect and associate professor of architecture at the University of Michigan. Prior to his arrival at the University of Michigan he was a SCI-Arc faculty member for 16 years as well as in visiting positions at the University of Pennsylvania and Arizona State University. Subsequent to his studies at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (BS Arch) and Columbia University (M Arch) he worked in the offices of Eisenman/ Robertson, Robert A.M. Stern and Venturi, Rauch and Scott Brown before moving to Los Angeles. His interests include the roles of representation and methodologies in the production of architecture and in broadening the conceptual range by which architecture contributes to our cultural imagination.

Color Refined

November 10 - December 12, 2014

Color Refined features the abstract works of Beatrice Riese, Siri Berg, Gabriele Evertz, Rella Stuart-Hunt, and Rachel Beach. Born outside of the United States, each woman emigrated here for various reasons – love, education, and to escape political turmoil. The women all chose New York as their home, and their mature art careers developed and flourished in the city. Color Refined focuses on each artist's utilization and exploration of color and color theory as the main feature of her abstract work. This exhibition also celebrates the creative accomplishments of immigrants who enrich and contribute to American culture.

2013 exhibitions

IMG 6562 IMG 6564 IMG 6566 IMG 6568 IMG 6563 IMG 6571 IMG 6569 IMG 6570 IMG 6573 IMG 6565 IMG 6572 IMG 6578 IMG 6577 IMG 6576 IMG 6580 IMG 6575 IMG 6581 IMG 6583 IMG 6584 IMG 6579 IMG 6586 IMG 6585 IMG 6587

2012 exhibitions

Redefining the Multiple: Thirteen Japanese Printmakers

Curated by Sam Yates and Hideki Kimura, professor of art at Kyoto City University of Arts, Redefining the Multiple unites 13 printmakers from Japan who bring the techniques and concepts of printmaking to a wide range of contemporary and traditional media.

Of the selected participants, four make three-dimensional objects and installations, two paint with printmaking tools and techniques, three use digital photography and technology, while others utilize traditional and recognizable printmaking methods.

The featured artists are: Hideki Kimura, Junji Amano, Kouseki Ono, Koichi Kiyono, Shuji Chiaki, Toshinao Yoshioka, Shunsuke Kano, Naruki Oshima, Marie Yoshiki, Nobauki Onishi, Shoji Miyamoto, Arata Nojima, and Saori Miyake.

65th Annual Student Art Competition


Karen Shaw - Fine Arts
Kenneth White - Graphic Design
Amy Koch - Art History

MFA 2012

In partial fulfillment of their graduation requirements, students pursuing the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree are required to mount a solo exhibition of work, and to defend their work during an oral examination in front of a faculty committee. Due to the number of graduate students enrolled in the UT School of Art, these exhibitions generally take the form of small groups of students presenting concurrent solo exhibitions in the gallery space.

Exhibitors: Leslie Greenman, Ben Seamons, Emmy Lingscheit, Amy Hand, Guen Montgomery, Eleanor Aldrich, Chadwick Williams, and Taryn Williams

Honors Exhibition 2012

May 4 - June 4, 2012

Selected by a School of Art Faculty Scholarship committee, six art students from various art disciplines were chosen from the qualifying applicants for this year’s exhibition. These students are Anna Halliwell Boyd, Danielle Jodoin, William Lang, William Warden, A.C. Wilson, and Dean Yasko.

The College of Architecture and Design participants were selected by the faculty-at-large, and by an outside review team --  Heidi Hefferlin, principal of H+K Architects; Greg Luhan, Associate Dean of Research at the University of Kentucky; Eric Myers, Principal of elemi architects; Andy Ruff, TVS Design and last year’s Bronze Medal Award winner; and Jason Young, associate professor at the University of Michigan -- sponsored by Tau Sigma Delta, the Architecture Honor Society. Those exhibitors are Annie Stone, Claire Craven, Mitchell Riggleman, Amanda Gann, Lauren McCarty, and Adam Richards. Selected to represent the Landscape Architecture program is Valerie Friedmann. Selected by the Interior Design faculty, of the College of Architecture and Design, Megan Zolnieris the final exhibitor.

Four x Four

July 1 - July 27, 2012

Media and subject matter were not stipulated at the outset of this exhibition. The pieces on display, therefore, represent an honest ‘work sample’ from a talented segment of the UT community whose artistic skills might otherwise remain unrecognized outside of their duties as staff members. The exhibitors are: Mike C. Berry, Manager of the UT Downtown Gallery; Jessie Van der Laan, UT Print Shop Tech; and Sarah McFalls and Jennifer Stoneking -Stewart, Ewing Gallery staff.

These four artists currently create work that represents a distortion of the natural landscape and addresses the relationship we often have with the idea of "place."

Confabulatores Nocturni

August 20 - September 10, 2012

theoretical design project . exhibited
somewhere between sunset and sunrise

From these two incontrovertible premises he deduced that the Library is total and that its shelves register all the possible combinations of the twenty-odd orthographical symbols - a number which, though extremely vast, is not infinite.
- Excerpt from "The Library of Babel" by Jorge Luis Borges
Ce8, Cg7, Ch5, Cf6, Ce4, Ch1 | The CABANON exists somewhere between sunset and sunrise. They are fictions that draw their primary motivation from Diderot and d'Alembert's Encyclopédie. The visual equivalent to the Library of Borges, the Encyclopédie serves as a visual taxonomy of all human knowledge catalogued under the three primary branches of memory, reason, and imagination – past, present, and future. Is it possible that the volumes of the Encyclopédie possess all of our collective spatial fictions? Through the narrative morphosis of collage, each CABANON acquires the personality of a scribe. New fictions surface. Arranged in a columbarium-like wall, the communicative structure between these scribes emerges as a contemplation of the enigmatic Knight's Tour. This ancient and cryptic geometry becomes at times a thanatopsis, at times a colloquy between divines.


Being affected by the housing market crash made me aware of how it has changed the American perception of capitalism and I became painfully aware of the clarity of hindsight and the strength of privileged information.
This theme was explored through the architecture of World War II and Cold War concrete bunkers, watch towers, vaults and subterranean spaces. My sculptures suggest a state that is both permanent and obsolete. I played with the experience of space, engaging the viewer's curiosity to explore and discover the mental and psychological spaces created by the artworks.
The work explored the tension of forced perspectives through narrow horizontal slits and small windows punctuating the walls of the sculptures. A bunker-like sculpture takes the form of an armor mask in human scale; a thirteen foot tower camouflaged in a digital vinyl wrap of trees and nature, articulated by a tiny entry way plays with human scale and the imagination of what it would be like to be inside. Other sculptures allow the viewer limited access to interior stairways and passages - some employing interior lighting that guides the viewer's experience of the byzantine interior.

Pencil Pushed

September 17 - October 28, 2012
curated by Creighton Michael

In this exhibition, the word pencil functions simply as a metaphor or symbol for drawing and its activity. The artists selected are known for their drawing or drawing activity as their primary means of expression and have either pushed the material, process, or boundary of conventional drawing. Media included video, sculpture, animation, installation, and of course, works on paper. This exhibition is neither a survey nor the definitive grouping of mark-making artists. It is more a conversation about artists who have and continue to explore these regions in drawing. The diversity of the exhibition favored mid-career artists, but ranged from emerging to late.

Featured artists in Pencil Pushed are: William Anastasi, William Pittman Andrews, Caroline Burton, Elisa D'ArrigoMary Reid KelleySharon LoudenJennifer MacdonaldPeter Mollenkof
Darcy Brennan PoorBill RichardsBeatrice Riese, Hilda Shen
Drew ShiflettStephen Talasnik, and Sam Vernon

Rhapsody in K-dron

November 1 - 15, 2012

Janusz Kapusta, an acclaimed Polish artist who lives in New York City, will lecture on his work, which will be presented as an exhibition in the Ewing Gallery. The lecture and exhibition is jointly sponsored by the College of Architecture and Design, the School of Art, and the Marek Maria Pienkowski Foundation.

Rhapsody in K-Dron will be a two and three dimensional installation, featuring a model of the K-Dron. The K-Dron is the geometrical form defined by its complexity and subtly. Discovered by Janusz Kapusta in 1985 and patented in 1987, the name K-Dron originates from K, the 11th letter of the alphabet, and GK-EDRON, the Greek word for surface. Being both a remarkably simple and complex structure, its basic form has a square base, 11 multifaceted sides and a diamond-shaped face with a 45-degree angle of inclination. Janusz Kapusta has developed K-Dron’s versatility to invent the K-Dron game in which 8 K-Drons of two colors (black and white) can be manipulated to produce patterns of up to 38,416 possible combinations.

This exhibition is held in honor of Polish Independence Day on November 11th. The exhibition is made possible through the generous support of the Marek Maria Pienkowski Foundation with additional support from the UTK College of Architecture and Design the UTK School of Art, and the Ewing Gallery.


November 18 - December 16, 2012

Quadrivium is Latin for "the four ways" or "the place where four roads meet" and was used during the Renaissance Period to describe the four subjects -- arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy -- that were taught after teaching the trivium.

For this exhibition, we are using Quadrivium to describe Knoxville and the School of Art as the place where artistic roads, and artists have met.

Quadrivium features the work of the four most recent additions to the faculty of the School of Art. We are pleased to exhibit work by Joshua Bienko, drawing; Evan Meaney, transmedia design; Althea Murphy-Price, printmaking; and Karla Wozniak, painting.

2011 exhibitions

10 filament 06 10 filament 05 10 filament 04 10 filament 03 10 filament 02 10 filament 01

2010 exhibitions

Artist in Residence Biennial 2010

January 13 - February 21, 2010

The presence of acclaimed artists—who have lived and worked in major cultural centers across the country—enhances the educational opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the University of Tennessee School of Art. With daily contact over the course of a full semester, resident artists develop a unique relationship with the student body which complements the creative stimulation offered by guest lecturers and the School of Art’s faculty. Representing diverse ethnic, cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds, these resident artists introduce another layer of candor and a fresh artistic standard for the students who, though early in their formal art studies, are beginning to develop their own perceptions, skills, and theories in connection with the making of art. Although the resident artists present a slide lecture during their stay, it is access to their works of art that is highly anticipated and valued by both the students and the faculty. Therefore, the Ewing Gallery has sponsored group exhibitions of these artists since the inception of the Artist In Residence Program in 1982.

Currently held every two years, this exhibition provides a continuing dialogue between artist-teacher and student. The Artist In Residence Biennial also offers our general university and regional community an opportunity to experience a provocative and often challenging exhibition of contemporary art.

Honors Exhibition 2010

Selected by a School of Art Faculty Committee, seven art students from various disciplines were chosen from 12 qualifying applicants for this year’s exhibition. These seven are Jo Beth Richards, Sonja Foard, Derek Whitlock, Bethany Robertson, John Phillips, Leslie Hatten, and Megan Ford.


The School of Architecture participants were selected by the School’s faculty-at-large and by an outside review team sponsored by Tau Sigma Delta—the national Architecture Honor Society. The outside reviewers included James Dallman of La Dallman Architects, Milwaukee, WI; Matt Hutchinson of PATH Architecture, San Francisco, CA; Jason Sowell of the University of Texas, Austin, TX; and 2009 Tau Sigma Delta Bronze Medal Winner Ashley Bigham. The selected exhibitors are Eric McGinnis, Megan Warner, Daniel Luster, Paul Legan, and Ryan Flener.


The Interior Design Program, under the College of Architecture and Design, also put forward two exceptional projects to represent their area in the 2010 Honors Exhibition. These exhibitors include a joint architecture/interior design team, made of Sutdio Architecture student Luisa Bustamante and Interior Design student Denton Whitson, and Madeline Hayes.

MFA 2010
Continuare: The Figurative Tradition in Contemporary Art

August 9 - September 22, 2010

Featuring the work of Knoxville and vicinity artists Bain Butcher, Judith Condon, Virginia Derryberry, Thaddeus Erdahl, Lynda Evans, Carl Gombert, and Denise Stewart-Sanabria.


Featuring the work of UT Knoxville School of Art alumni Creighton Michael and Bill FitzGibbons, Filamentincludes drawings, paintings, sculpture, and a collaborative video installation.

Long-time friends, and active professional artists, Michael and FitzGibbons will also receive UT Accomplished Alumni Awards at a special ceremony following their public lecture.

63rd Annual Student Art Competition

March 23 - 31, 2010

Peter Chametzky - Art History
Chad Kennedy and Heather Dryden - Graphic Design
Brian Wood - Fine Arts

Architecture of Evil: Photographing Auchwitz

November 15 - December 12, 2010

This exhibition features work by UT Communications professor, Robert Heller. Heller traveled to Europe and photographed the German concentration camps.



Artist in Residence Biennial
January 13 – February 16, 2006
Richard Aldrich, George Rush, Kristin Calabrese, and Judith Eisler

59th Annual Student Art Competition
February 26 – March 16, 2006
Jurors: Joe Fyfe, Fine Arts; Diane Wolfhal, Art History; r. Brian Stone, Graphic Design

MFA Thesis Exhibitions
March 27 – April 1: Lauren Kussro and Darren Ekern
April 9 – 16: Rebecca Mixon and Erin Murphy
April 20 – 27: Hao Chov, Shawn Hardagree, and Mitchell Wright

Honors Exhibition
May 10 – June 2, 2006

Thresholds: Expressions of Art and Spiritual LIfe
June 23 – August 4, 2006
New York critic Eleanor Heartney has curated an exhibition that showcases the diversity of both art media and religiions beliefs in the work of over 50 artists from five southern states, including Tennessee.

Regeneration: Contemporary Chinese Art from China and the U.S.
August 24 – October 11, 2006
Curated by Dan Mills, Bucknell University

UT School of Art Faculty Exhibition
October 23 – December 15, 2006


The Museum and Installation if Franco Albini: Musei e gli Allestimenti de Franco Albini
January 10 – 29, 2007
Thirty panels document the work of this modern, Italian architect

Errol Barron: Drawing, Thinking, Looking: Hand Drawing in the Digital Age
February 2 – 27, 2007
Paintings and drawings by internationally renowned New Orleans architect

January 18 – February 28
Post WWII housing projects in Oak Ridge, TN

60th Annual Student Art Competition
March 9 – 22, 2007
Jurors: Josh Smith, Fine Arts; Deborah Walberg, Art History; Dennis Miller, Graphic Design

MFA Thesis Exhibitions
March 26 – 31: Josh Wolcott, Requia Gray, Mandy Borenberg
April 4 – 11: Rachel Dove, Michael Giles, Amanda Wiles
April 15 – 21; Heather Corley, Eleanor Dickinson, Lisa Renz

Honors Exhibition
May 7 – June 28, 2007

Knoxville and Vicinity / Unspoken Dialogues
August 8 – September 9, 2007
An invitational exhibition of 8 area artists: Andy Saftel, Marth Shepp, Vicki Lee, Heather Louis, Avi Manneberg, Joe Letitia, Cip Contreras, and Gary Monroe who use the visual narrative as an underlining theme.

Green Canopy
September 16 – November 4, 2007
An environmental sound installation built entirely from recycled materials by artists, Patricia Tinajero, Aradna Capasso, and Damian Keller

Koichi Yamamoto: P la Ce bo ray
September 16 – November 4, 2007
Yamamoto (Printmaking) is the newest addition to the UT School of Art Faculty

Walls of Paradise
September 16 – November 4, 2007
Interdisciplinary theater and sound project by Swiss-base artist Jeannine Osborne

November 12 – December 14, 2007
This exhibition features work by the faculty of the UT College of Architecture and Design


Artist-In-Residence Biennial
January 13 – February 10, 2008
Jessica Dickinson – Fall 2006, Jeff Gauntt – Fall 2007, Wallace Whitney – Spring 2007, Munro Galloway–Spring 2008

61st Annual Student Art Competition
March 10 – March 28, 2008

MFA Thesis Exhibitions
April 4 – 14, 2008
Julie Camarata, Stephanie Mustric, Amy Riedel
April 18 – 24, 2008
Barron Hall, Preston Proffitt, Sarah Shebaro

Honors Exhibition
May 7- June 13, 2008

Veronica Blaha, painting; Brooke Boncher, sculpture; Nicholas Kania, media arts; Jessie Morris, media arts; and Tommy Taylor, painting. Exhibitors from the College of Architecture include Dianna Morelock, Meghan McCrary, Daley Womack, Emily Bradley, Joseph Watson, Natalee Newcombe and Craig Reschke, and from the Interior Design Program Melissa Frame in collaboration with fourth year architecture student Alan Michael.

Staff In•Flux•Ion
July 20 – August 24, 2008

On view will be recent works by current and former UT staff who reside in the Knoxville vicinity. Exhibitors include: Ben Wooten, Lee Marchalonis, Jerry Brown, Mike Berry, Shannon Campbell, Don Dudenbostel, Calvin Chappelle, Eric Smith, Hugh Bailey, David Habercom, Andrew Saftel, Tinah Utsman, and Joan Thomas

New York Rises
September 2 – October 1, 2008

From 1906 to 1934, Eugene de Salignac shot over twenty thousand 8-by-10-inch glass-plate negatives of New York City. As sole photographer at the Department of Bridges/Plant and Structures during that period of dizzying growth, he documented the creation of the city’s modern infrastructure. On view will be 50 photographs

Crossing the BLVD
October 7 – November 2, 2008

Documentary artists Warren Lehrer and Judith Sloan create a portrait of an ever-shifting America. This interactive multimedia exhibition uses photos, stories and sounds to intimately portray the lives of new immigrants and refugees living in Queen, New York–a modern day Ellis Island where cultures overlap in a chaotic coexistence.

November 10- December 13, 2008

For a number of years, painters Natalie Alper (Boston), Tim McFarlane (Philadelphia), Larry Webb (New York), and sculptor Diane Simpson (Chicago) have been making strong, consistent and highly developed bodies of work that are grounded in abstraction in varied ways. The project will also include a small concurrent drawing exhibition. Curated by Dan Mills, Director of Samek Gallery, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA.


January 7 – January 23
Mirror: Recent Works by Carrie Pollack

February 2 – March 1
Photographs of the South: Selections from the Ogden Museum, New Orleans, LA

March 9 – March 26
The 62nd Annual Student Art Competition
Jurors; Kyle Blue, Robin Easter, William Tourtillotte, Ted Saupe, Acadia Warwick

April 13 – April 23
MFA Thesis Exhibitions
Lakesha Moore, Robmat Butler, Jamie Alonzo

April 3 – April 9
MFA Thesis Exhibitions (Alice Stone/Alison Oakes/Heather Hartman/Eric Knowles)

May 6 – May 22
The 2009 Honors Exhibition
Jonathan Bagby, Aaron Benson, Lucas Henderson, Sara Jackson, Ben Fox-McCord, and Laurel Panella. Exhibitors from the College of Architecture include Ashley Bingham (Tau Sigma Delta Award winner), Michael Clapp, Patricia Grech, Joan Monaco, Samuel Mortimer, Sarah Moseley, Whitney Reeder, Jamison Walkup, and Alycia Williams; and from the Interior Design Program Bonnie Casamassima and Meredith Mills.

Jun 3 – July 2
Japan International Artists Society

August 17 – October 4
Objects on the Horizon

This exhibition brings together the work of six TN artists—Jason Brown, Greely Myatt, Greg Pond, Deborah McClary, Audrey Russell, Jackson Martin.

October 9 – November 8
Multiple x Multiple
This exhibition is a survey of contemporary printmaking that includes everything from comic books to workshop-produced imagery.

November 16 – December 12
My Paradise: 100 Years of Finnish Architects’ Summer Homes



Bernhard Hoesli: Collages
March 10-April 4
Over forty collages by the Swiss artist, architect, educator and a student of Modern architect Le Corbusier and artist Fernand Leger. Hoesli was instrumental in the development of important concepts and methods in architecture, urbanism, and architectural education that developed in the mid-twentieth century.

54th Annual Student Art Competition
April 8 – April 22
Robert Abbot, Graphic Design
Elizabeth Pastan, Art History
Adelheid Mers, Fine Arts

Richard LeFevre
June 28 – July 19
The Civil War series.

Thomas Daniel: Into My Eyes
July 30 – August 31
The first retrospective for this Virginia photographer, the exhibit includes eighty black and white images covering twenty-five year’s of Daniel’s career.

Issues of Identity
October 11 – November 8
The exhibit focuses on influential contemporary US artists who address issues of culture, race, gender, national and personal identity in their work including Enrique Chagoya, Tsent Kwong Chi, Robert Colescott, Brad Kahlhamer, Michaol Oatman, Adrian Piper, Cindy Sherman, Masami Teroka, and Carrie Mae Weems.


Visiting Artists Biennial
January 10 – February 3
On view are current works by these New York City artists who served as Artists-In-residence with the School of Art: Carrie Moyer, Jovi Schnell, Elizabeth Condon.

55th Annual Student Art Competition
March 10 – April 4
Jurors: Art History, Ann Marie Knoblauch, Fine Arts, Wade Guyton, Graphic Design, Tony Brock

MFA Thesis
April 9 – April 21
On view are works by five MFA candidates:
Stacy Jacobs: film, Marc DeBose: printmaking, Ai-Lun Wu: Painting, Seth Johnson: graphic design, Sam Lucchesi: painting.

Mountain Dew – Homecoming
June 10 – July 9
How Do You Dew?
An historic overview of this popular soft drink which originated in Knoxville, TN. Included are bottles, signs and promotional items.

H.A. Sigg
August 12 – September 15
Paintings and sculptures by this 20th-Century Swiss artist. Sponsored by the Arts Council of Switzerland.

Adam Drisin Tenure Exhibition
September 23 – October 13
Architecture, urban design, and paintings by this UT College of Architecture professor.

Art Faculty Exhibition
October 21 – November 17
Featured are current works from School of Art faculty.

New Angeles
November 22 – December 22
Contemporary works in a variety of media by 19 artists who began their careers in LA.


Cities and Buildings: Koetter/Kim and Associates, Boston
January 8 – February 3
Founded in Boston in 1978, this firm maintains a diverse urban and architecture design practice.

Many Splendored: African Art From Regional Collections
February 9 – March 4
Over 250 objects loaned from 12 area collectors which reflect the artistic diversity of the continent.

MFA Thesis I
March 7 – March 14
On view are current works by three MFA candidates:
Chris Johnson, David Pierce, Dan DeZarn

MFA Thesis II
March 24 – March 30
On view are current works by five MFA candidates:
Emily Lambertsen, Kelly Barrett, Stacey Fletcher, Michelle Dussault, Stacey Clement

Art Buffet: 56th Annual Student Art Competition
April 6 – April 16
Jurors: Kevin Concannon, Art History, Steven Hoskins, Graphic Design, Greely Myatt and Terri Jones, Fine Arts

MFA Thesis III
April 11 – April 25
On view are current works by 2 MFA printmaking candidates. Their chosen venue is Yee Haw Industries, a letterpress print shop located on South Gay Street, Knoxville.
Lee Marchalonis, Bryan Baker

The Intimate Collection: Prints From Teaberry Press
August 18-September 15
This San Francisco-based print shop features some of the most widely-recognized artists in contemporary American art including Philip Pearlstein, Pat Steir, William Wiley, Claes Oldenburg, and Jim Nutt.

Divine Humility: Jesus Icons From Contemporary Mexico
September 22-October 13
Featured are 63 color images by the Memphis-based photographer Robert Lewis which are the result of his numerous trips throughout Mexico over the past decade.

Drawn In Stone: A Portfolio Celebrating the Bicentennial of Lithography
September 22-October 13
This exchange portfolio features works by 27 artists who demonstrate the many ways contemporary printmaking continues to add to the heritage of lithography.

September 22-October 13
Five artists. all women with established careers working in different media and finding different methods to express their individual concerns and artistic interests.

September 22-October 13
Contemporary sculpture by UT assistant professor Jennifer Odem which explores the natural and artificial land formation of the earth in relationship to cultural aspects of femininity and masculinity.

Paranirvana (Self-Portrait) by Lewis DeSoto
November 17 – December 18
Lewis DeSoto’s Paranirvana represents the humorous and revealing meeting point of technology, religion and biography. These areas are combined in the form of a 26′ long fan inflated Buddha whose face is a self-portrait of the artist. Organized by the Samek Gallery, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA.


Artist in Residence Biennial
January 13 – February 2, 2004
David Brody, Joan Linder, Charlotta Westergren, and Frank Holiday

Selected Projects: The Architecture of Bruce McCarty
February 9 – March 1, 2004

cARTe blanche: 57th Annual Student Art Competition
March 16 – 23, 2004

MFA Thesis Exhibitions

March 26th – April 2, 2004: Candice Lewis, David Jones, Trisha Brady
April 3 – 13, 2004: Rachel Hall, Anna Scarbrough, Jessica Meyer, Jessica Owings
April 16 – 22, 2004: Adam Paulek, Trent Berning, Josh Minnie, Brynn Perrine

Honors Exhibition
May 4 – June 4, 2004

Siggraph Graphic Design Exhibit

June 12 – July 2, 2004

A. L. Aydelott: Around the World in Eighty Years–Drawings, Photographs, Paintings
July 9 – August 3, 2004

Discardable / Collectable: The Life-Cycle of Ephemera
August 27 – September 20, 2004
Laura Berman, Kevin Bradley, April Flanders, Mo Lebowitz, Aaron Wilson

Parts Seen Within the Background of the Whole: Coleman Coker + buildingstudio
September 28 – November 1, 2004

Reflections of Environment and Form
November 12 – December 18, 2004
Sally Brogden, Jae Won Lee, Vincent Burke, Sarah Lindley

Tennessee African American Artisans: Works in Brick, Stone, and Wood
November 12 – December 18, 2004
William Edmondson, Isssac Kockery, Louis Buckner and Dick Poynor


Agnes Denes: Art For Public Spaces
January 12 – March 9, 2005
This retrospective exhibition by this pioneer environmental and conceptual artist features public projects which illuminate human interconnection.

MFA Thesis Exhibitions
March 13 – March 20, 2005: Jeff Edwards, Printmaking; Robert Newman, Graphic Design
March 28 – April 3, 2005: Matt Peterson and Chris Lucius, Painting

BAM! 58th Annual Student Art Competition
April 10 – April 20, 2005

Honors Exhibition
May 4 – June 3, 2005

Trailblazers: Jim Thompson and Albert “Dutch” Roth Photographs of the Early Years of the Great Smoky Mountains Park
June 16 – August 28, 2005

Avenues to a Great City: The Plan of Nashville

September 1 – September 25

Girl Culture: Photographs by Lauren Greenfield
September 30 – November 10

Three Paths to Abstraction: Pinkney Herbert, Whitney Leland, and Carol Mode
November 18 – December 16



January 8-February 4
Visiting Artists Biennial
Julia Jacquette, Joe Fyfe, Richard Phillips, Cheryl Donegan, Anthony Viti

February 8-9
UT Department of Theater: National Scene Design Competition

February 20-March 17
Recent Projects by Kieran, Timberlake and Harris Architects, Philadelphia

March 1-17
Love Nest, a site specific installation by Bruce Tapola and Melba Price
Reception March 1, 5-7 pm

March 31-April 4
49th Annual Student Art Competition
Reception and awards March 29, 7-9pm

April 11-15
MFA Thesis Exhibitions:
Deanna Daniels, Sheila Sieb, Jacque McLaughlin, Jeanne Voltura and Richard Sewell

April 17-21
MFA Thesis Exhibitions:
Laurie Lundh, Ken Maginnis, Bonney Morris, Jeff Prentice

May 7-June 7
BFA / Architecture Honors Exhibition
Chris Leather, Susan Edwards, Nathan Mateson, Bev Howard, Joe Jones, Chie Harashima, Kelly Meador
Preview reception Monday, May 6, 3-6 pm

June 14-July 12
Ch’en Yang Chun

July 15-26
Hollis Sigler
sponsored by Baptist Hospital Cancer Unit

July 29-August 25
Knoxville and Vicinity: Transition
Lou Horner, Marcia Athens, Lin Swensson, Nancy Sullivan, Todd Johnson, Diane Fox, Monica Thomeczek, Mignon Naegli, Ann Ropp

August 29-September 20
Chris Hocking, Virginia Scotchie, David Johnson, Pam Longobardi
Reception and Lecture by Painter Christopher Hocking: Wednesday, August 28, 7-9pm

September 27-October 23
The Enduring Presence: New York Abstraction
Mary Jones, Larry Webb, Peter Soriano, Nick Maffai, Larry Deyab, Gail Buono,
Michael Oruch, Amanda Trager
Artists’ Lectures:
September 26, 7:00 pm, Mary Jones
October 22, 7:30 pm, Peter Soriano

October 29-November 20
1Anthony Ames: Object/Type Landscape
Allies + Morrison Architects–London Buildings and Projects

November 26-December 15:
Faculty Focus:
Tracy Moir-McCLean and David Fox, School of Architecture; Kevin Everson, Department of Art; Robert Cothran, Department of Theatre.


January 13-February 16
Gregory Amenoff: The Sky Below
artist’s lecture and reception: Thursday January 30

February 24.-March 13
Architecture Review

March 19-23
MFA Thesis Exhibit

April 6-13
50th Annual Student Art Competition
Preview Reception April 4, 7-9 pm

April 16-27
MFA Thesis Exhibition
April 16-21:
Ariel Vik, Susan Harrison, Liz Stuck (Library), Marcus Melton, David Hill
April 23-27:
Fay Boston, Deirdre Pope, Tim Dooley, Olga Alexandratos

April 28-May 6
Architecture Final Juries

May 13-June 6
BFA / Architecture Honors Exhibit

June 16-July 18
John Campbell: Galeleo’s Chair
Selections from the Permanent Collection

August 4-28
Perpetrators: Photo Lithographs by Sid Chafetz
States of Contrast: Contemporary Prints From South Africa

September 16-October 14
National Ceramics Invitational

October 21-November 19
“Voices”, Ballinger Architects, Philadelphia

October 27-November 19
In Form Ation: The Collages and Constructions of Dan Mills

November 25-December 20
William Rudd — Towers: A Photograhic Essay
Joeseph Falsetti Retrospective With Emphasis on New Directions


January 14-February 8 (Exhibit reception January 15, 6-8 pm)
Visiting Artists Biennial: Ann Craven, Joe Letitia, Michael St. John, Daniel Levine.

February 17-March 9
Thonet Design: Three Centuries of Influence
Dreams + Other Realities: An Exhibition of the Work of Studio Granda

March 13-20
MFA Thesis Exhibition: Dawn Kunkel, Joan Thomas, Christy Singleton

April 5-14
51st Annual Student Art Competition
Jurors: Johannes Lacher and Jamie Gannon

April 19-26:
MFA Thesis Exhibition: Steven Aibel, Jon Boles, Dennis Dawson, Jason Englehardt

April 27-May 6:
Architecture Final Juries

May 12-June 5:
Honors Exhibition
Kay Palmateer, Joshua Smith, Christine Brandt, Van Stokes, Ateet Tuli

July 27-August 31
Three Artists: Three Continents: UTK Artists in Residence City, Space + Globalization

September 9-29
Affinity With Architecture

October 6-26
TVA Legacy: The Early Years
40 Years/40 Images: Balthazar Kurab Architectural Photographs

November 2-23
Faculty Art Exhibition

Novmeber 6, 5:00 PM:
Color Print USA Portfolio Presentation

December 1-20
The Villa, Gardens and Landscape of La Foce: Morna Livingston, Photographs


January 15-February 21
Selections from the Permanent Collection from artists of Spanish Decent
Selections from the Chinese Woodcut Collection

February 16-March 9:
Groundwork: Garrison Siegel Architects, NYC
Randy Williams: Recent Works

March 11-12
Lucky Pierre Performance Art Troupe from Chicago

March 22-28
MFA Thesis Exhibit I

March 30-April 7
MFA Thesis Exhibit II

April 18-25
52nd Annual Student Art Competition

April 27-May 4
Architecture Final Juries

May 11-June 4
Honors Exhibition

June 27 -September 5
Bert Carpenter : A Retrospective

September 12-October 10
Communication Graphics 19

October 20 -November 8
Contemporary Slovakia/Contemporary Cuba

November 15-December 18
Visiting Artists Biennial


January 14-February 10
Mealy Mouthed Materials, Charismatic Shapes and Other Funny Stories
Contemporary sculpture by seven New York City artists

Organized by the Roland Gibson Art Gallery, State University of New York College at Potsdam

February 15-March 5
Andrea Clark Brown Architecture
Between Earth and Sky: Balthazar Korab Photos
Two Centuries of Architecture In The Netherlands

March 8-17
MFA Thesis Exhibitions
Clay Hensley, Shane Mickey, John Gumpler, Frank Herbert

March 27-April 5
MFA Thesis Exhibitions
Katie Marquez, Joshua Hartwigsen, Heather Muise, Samantha Rees

April 16-20
53rd Annual Student Comp
Rusty Freeman, Juror

May 9-June 8
BFA and Architecture Honors Exhibition
Robyn Winston, Alison Johnson, Lara Waters, Laura Baldree, Shane Kelly, Kelly Hitzing, Chris Lowe

June 12-16
MFA Thesis Exhibit: Hamop Bahnam

June 27-July 20
Tennessee Overhill: A Cultural Landscape/Photographs by Mark Steinmetz
Expression of Place: Roadside Signs/Photographs by Tom Rankin

July 31-September 1
New Beginnings: Donald Kurka, Dale Cleaver, John Acorn

September 7-18
Frank Hanïg: Theater Set Design

September 22-October 4
The UT College of Architecture and Design Faculty Exhibition

October 11-November 5
The Best of the Ewing: Selections From The Permanent Collection

October 17-November 5
Brian MacKay-Lyons Architecture

November 12-December 17
A Visual Odyssey: The Art of Carl Sublett



January 10-February 3
Point of View/Dutch Conceptual Jewelry
Back To The Basics/Paintings by Herb Creecy
To The Greenhouse/Karen Shaw

February 8-March 3
Four Faculty:
Daehnert, Goldenstein, Nichols, Riesing

March 10-27
44th Annual Student Competition
Juror: Nadya Brown

April 2-7:
MFA Thesis Exhibition:
Vance, Haran, Hirata

April 12-18
MFA Thesis Exhibition:
Sullivan, Sehgal, Smith

April 23-May 3
School of Architecture Final Reviews

May 6-June 14
Art and Architecture Undergraduate Honors Exhibition:
Sungyee Joh, Debby Hagar, Susan Wood Reider, Scott Amis, David Koester, Julie Deschamps

June 23-July 25:
Knoxville and Vicinity:
Myrtle Bartolini, Janet McNutt, Jim Brown, Paula Braswell, Al Keim, Jerry Chumley

August 1-30
Contemporary Charleston

September 6-29:
Competitions X 3–National monument design entries sponsored by the National Building Museum.
Art Is The Rainbow of Life: Recent Works by Catherine Woo

October 6-27:
The Fountainhead–An installation by four contemporary artists based on Ayn Rand’s novel
Ted Saupe/Recent Clay Works

November 1-November 17:
Bicentennial Exhibition:
Joe Delaney, Eleanor Dickinson, Baumann Brothers Architecture

November 21-December 13:
Annual Visiting Artists Exhibition


January 16-February 9:

February 16-March 6:
Dream-Makers–public school artwork from touring national exhibition Coordinated with College of Education

March 4-22:
Current/Currents: Southern Graphics Arts Council Exhibition

April 5-16:
45th Annual Student Competition

April 19-24:
MFA Thesis Exhibition: Scott Betz, Jason Terry, Anucha Sopakvichit

April 27-May 4:
MFA Thesis Exhibition: Michael Ware, Kent Breeding, Richard Gere

April 28-May 1:
Architecture Final Project Reviews

May 3-6 (Reception Saturday, May 2, 7-9 pm)
MFA Thesis Exhibition : Peg Turner

May 12-June 12:
BFA/Architecture Honors Exhibition

June 22-July 24
The African-American Art In Motion (curated by Sammie Nicely)

August 24 -September 20:
Selections From The Permanent Collection

September 25-October 18:
10th Anniversary Visiting Artists Exhibition, Part I

October 26-November 13:
10th Anniversary Visiting Artists Exhibition, Part II

November 16-17:
Burning Sensations and Simple Tasks Made Complex:
Live Video and Sound Performances by three North Carolina Artists and Musicians

Rhan Small, Sylvia Bognar and Victor Faccinto

November 20-December 19:
Drawings and Origins: Curated by David Fox of the UT School of Architecture,
Domestic Architecture: Photographs by Thomas Roma


January 12-31:
UT Art Faculty Exhibition Featuring:
Beauvais Lyons: Reconstruction of An Aazudian Temple
David Wilson: Installation

February 5-28:
Diving In The Spirit: Self-Taught African-American Artists From The Southeast
Public lecture by exhibition curator and Wake Forest Art Historian, Dr. Robert Knott,
Habitats of Coastal Ecuador: Cibachrome Prints By Morna Livingston

March 5-22:
Art by Architects featuring recent works by Bill Lauer, William Rudd, Michael Ware, Fred Grieger, Stan Denko, and Anna Palej — UT School of Architecture Faculty.
Pattern and Context: The Architecture of Cesar Pelli and Associates

April 6-14
46th Annual Student Art Competition
Awards Reception: Monday, April 5, 7-9 pm

April 18-21: Reception April 19, 7-9 pm
MFA Thesis Exhibition:
Scott Palmer, ceramics, Annette Bongers, ceramics, Melody Reeves, prints, Laurie Calhoun, ceramics

April 23-26: Reception April 26, 7-9 pm
MFA Thesis Exhibition:
Rob Tarbell, paintings, Eric Fracassi, sculpture, Earl Watson, graphic design, David Deitrick, graphic design, Breaking The Plane

Gallery 1010 (located in the Candy Factory at the World’s Fair Site)
MFA Thesis Exhibitions:
Eric Smith, graphic design, March 30-April 4, reception April 2, “An Album of Musical Portraits”
Joel House, sculpture, April 13-17, reception April 15, 7-9 pm, “That Which Is Not”
Melanie McLaughlin, graphic design, April 20-25, reception April 23, 7-9 pm, “Containers”
Kris Rehring, graphic design, April 27-May 2, reception May 1, 6-9 pm, “Rail”
Debi Henry, paintings, May 4-9, reception May 5, 7-9 pm, “Laurel House Paintings”

May 7-June 4:
BFA/Architecture Honors Exhibition

June 20-July 16:
Knoxville and Vicinity V

August 9-September 5:
The Paintings and Illustrations of Walker Haskell Hinton

August 25-Septemer 5:
Mimesis: Documentation / Intermedia works by Norman Magden

September 10-October 10
Windows on Tennessee / photo works by 5 Tennessee Artists
Mike Smith, Meryl Truett, Baldwin Lee, Lawrence Jasud, Carlton Wilkinson

October 1-21:
Nikken/Sekkei Planners, Architects, Engineers:
Its 90 Years and the Modernization of Japan

October 14-November 14:
Biennial Artist in Residency Exhibition
Daniel Fischer, Mary Paten, Gail Nathan, Diane Sophrin

November 18 -December 16:
The Big Print


January 11-February 16
Architecture Reivew Exhibiton

February 22-March 18
Extra Special Stuff: Exciting To Ponder, Difficult to Describe Art From The Accumulations of Four Chicago Imagists
curated by Jim Nutt

April 5-14
47th Annual Student Art Competition

April 18-22
MFA Thesis Exhibition:
Paul Menchhofer, Derek Randle, Fred Zahn

April 25-29
Gallery closed for Architecture Final Reviews

April 29, 7pm
Ch’en Yang-Ch’un: Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration in gallery

May 2-5:
MFA Thesis Exhibition:
Matthew Thiell, Darlene Libbey, Sarah Wilde, Phil Vanderwall

MFA Thesis Exhibits at Gallery 1010 in the Candy Factory:
Gareth Jones, April 12-20
Lorrell Butler, April 22-May 2
Carlyle Poteat, May 5-12

May 12-June 10
BFA/Architecture Honors Exhibition:
Stephanie Speckhart, Roger Smith, Darren Roberts, Brooke Niessner, Tanya Mykytka, Jake Hand, Jessica Gaudet, Barbara Teague

June 20-July8
New Stuff Steve Welch

July 24-August 26
Knoxville and Vicinity VI

September 2-September 28
UT Bicentennial Art Faculty Exhibition

October 5-23
Green and Green: Architects in the Residential Style/Photographs by William Current

November 1-November 20
Art Alumni Exhibition

November 29-December 18
Former Art Faculty Exhibition


January 12-February 12
Wooden Architecture of Russia and Poland

February 20-March 19
“Pace Editions”

March 31-April 12
“Visual Reality”, 48th Annual Student Art Competition

April 16-19
MFA Thesis Exhibitions:
Karen Rich Beall and Michael Pittari

April 21-25:
MFA Thesis Exhibitions:
Caterina Engnell, Lorraine Taylor, Noah Hu

April 26-28
Architecture Final Reviews

May 5-June 9
BFA/Architecture Honors Exhibition:
Christina Chilles, Amy Green, Anna Maria Horner, Stephanie Levy, Keny Marshall, Sheila Pace, Meredity Steitz

June 19-July 14
Selections From The Permanent Collection

August 4-September 3
Frank Tolar Retrospective

September 8-October 8
Charles Hinman: The Chimera Series, Works from Georgia

October 13-29
UT School of Architecture 30th Anniversary Exhibition

November 5-19
An Eye To The East: Formal Structure in Indian Architecture and Formal Structure in Islamic Architecture of Iran and Turkistan

November 27-December 16
New Faculty
Sally Brogden, Art; Michael Ware, Dean Almy and Mark Schimenti, Architecture.



January 10-26
Figurative Ceramics in the Southeast

January 10-26
Yugoslavian Architectural Drawings

January 31-February 16
4th Annual Visiting Artists Exhibition:
Paul Krainak, Karen Shaw, Lance Rutledge, Andrew Rubin

February 21-March 21
Byron McKeeby Retrospective

March 25-April 6
Japanese Contemporary Graphics

Apirl 11-20
Chattanooga Riverfront Project–TAAST-sponsored

April 26-May 8
39th Annual Student Competition
Juror: Jeff Fleming, SECCA, Winston-Salem, NC

May 12-20
MFA Thesis Exhibition:
Mick Gray, Kirk Smith, Juanita Williams

May 24-30
MFA Thesis Exhibition:
Caryn Kreitzer, Cynthia Tumlin, Jerrie Williams

June 6-July 20
Joseph Delaney Retrospective

August 8-September 21
Tennessee Celebrates (Homecoming ’86)

October 2-22
Mies van der Rohe: Architect as Educator

October 31-November 23
UT Art Alumni Exhibition

December 2-14
Annual Christmas Art Sale


January 9-February 1

February 6-21
Seaver Leslie, Al Loving, Joseph Nechvatal, Eleanor Rappe

February 27-March 15

March 30-April 12
A survey of recent projects by alumni of the first five years of graduates from the UT School of Architecture.

April 24-May 6
Jurors Dave Ribar, Curator, Cheekwood Fine Arts Center, Nashville, and Marily Murphy, Artist, Vanderbilt University, Nashville.

May 10-May 24

May 28-June 30

September 14-October 9

October 16-November 19
Co-curated with Don Kurka.

November 30-December 13


January 12-31
LE VOLUME BLEU ET JAUNE (The Blue and Yellow Volume)

February 7-21

February 26-March 13
Richard Tobias, Brenda Goodman, Gary Stephan, Roy Fowler, Suzanne Joelson

March 31-April 15

April 24-May 4

May 9-20
Fleming, Gigax, Custen, Gibson

May 26-June 30


August 29-November 6

August 30-September 30

October 11-November 6

November 14-December 16


January 12-February 5:
Henry Moore Prints and Barry Brukoff Photographs: The Elephant Skull and Stonehenge
Transformations: Louis I. Kahn’s Library Projects (Organized by Harvard University)

February 15-March 1
Architecture on Review

March 7-17:
42nd Annual Student Competition
juror, New York artist Christos Gianakos

March 27-April 9
Walker Evans Photographs
(Coordinated by Baldwin Lee, University of Tennessee/Knoxville)
7th Annual Visiting Artists Exhibition
Holly Hughes, Guynemer Gigúere, Stephen Ellis

April 13-19
MFA Thesis Exhibition:
Amy Harris, David Lyon, Deborah Rodday, Kenneth Snyder

April 23-30
MFA Thesis Exhibition:
Rea Mingeva, Barry Motes, Ken Pooley, Kevin Sparks

May 5-June 4
BFA Exhibition:
Lawrence Cromwell, Robert Gaston, Lynn Murray, Patricia Whitaker

June 11-July 14
Knoxville and Vicinity Show
Bergeron, Thalken, Moorefield, Martin, Costantino, Galloway

August 23-September 20
Lucas Samaras: Photographs 1969-1987
Italo Scanga: Transcending Visions

September 28-October 13
Emerging European Architects
(Organized by Harvard University)
Jane Dillon: Ceramics

October 20-November 10
Mary Beth Edelson: Shape Shifters
Seven Mediums/Seven Mediums

November 16-December 15
Contemporary Japanese Paintings/Traditional Calligraphic Works


January 10-28
Art Faculty Exhibition
Leland, Peacock, Stewart

January 31-February 16
8th Annual Visiting Artists Exhibition
Georgia Marsh, Roger Welch

February 23-March 8
43rd Annual Student Competition
Mel Chin, juror

March 15-April 8
School of Architecture 25th Anniversary Faculty Alumni Exhibition
Sponsored by TAAST; co-coordinated with School of Architecture faculty

April 12-19
MFA Thesis Exhibition:
Jeff Spencer, Paul Maurice, Laurie Platkin

April 15-22
MFA Thesis Exhibition:
Aaron Benson (library)

April 23-30
MFA Thesis Exhibition:
Eun-Sook Kim, Carolyn Jacobs, Susan D’Aluisio, Misty Ball

May-4-June 15
BFA Honors Exhibition:
David Messinger, Javier Roman, Rebecca Shope, William Franks, Daphne Hill

June 24-July 27
Knoxville and Vicinity/Photography:
William Collins, Connie Grosch, Gary Heatherly, David Luttrell, Michael Di Biase, Phil Savage
Co-selected with Baldwin Lee

August 23-September 16
Steps to Water/Photographs by Morna Livingston
Donald Shriver: Abstract Paintings

September 21-October 14
Tadao Ando: Intercepting Light (organized by N.Y.U.)
Nashville Currents

October 26-November 11, 1990
The Intimate Collaboration: Prints From Teaberry Press
Curated, coordianted exhibition (framed 52 pieces);
supervised national tour–6 sites.
Be Gardiner: Split Torsos

November 16-December 10
Les Levine/Pray For More
Co-coordinated with Tom Riesing



September 26-October 17
curated by Richard Clarke

October 24-November 14
curated by Richard Daehnert

November 21-December 12


January 6-23
Saupe, Koscianski, Shriver

January 29-February 26

March 8-March 27

April 9-April 27
Charles Hurst, Painting

April 9-16
Jack Maxwell, Sculpture

April 20-27
Paul Sasso, cculpture and Margaret Georgianne, painting and sculpture
May 1-22
Juror: Robert Brady, artist

May 25-June 10
Paul Wenzel, printmaking

July 13-19
David Vaccaro, printmaking

October 1-November 1

November 2-25

November 30-December 16


January 6-31

February 4-25

March 2-19

April 1-May 16

May 20-30
Juror: Jim Farr

June 3-19

June 26-August 28

September 7-October 1

October 6-29

November 4-21
curated by Paul Krainak

November 4-21

December 1-19


January 6-30

February 3-21
Mary Beth Edelson, Charles Wilson, Nancy Pletos, Mary Ahenert

February 24-March 18

March 28-April 14
S.I.T.E.–Sculptures in the Environment
Touring Projects of Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibitions

April 19-28
Juror: Laura Lieberman, Editor, Art Papers

April 19-29

May 2-6
Rod Srickland, Stephan Frazier

May 9-13
Linda Boebringer, Claudia Denton, Audry Heatwole, Perry Koons

May 16-20
Marsh Anderson, Kim Webb, Richard Chapman

May 26-June 30

July 15-August 28

September 28-October 20

October 27-November 18

November 28-December 14


January 5-22

January 26-February 12
Len Jenshel, Johannes Lacher, Nancy Pletos, Richard Hull

February 16-March 14

March 26-April 15

April 19-May 2
Jurors: Judy McWillie, Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing, University of Georgia, and Tom Rippon, ceramic sculptor, Appalachian Center for Crafts, Smithville, TN

May 3-14
Virginia Derryberry, Veronica Fitzgerald, Janet Stafford

May 17-27
Dan Maiden, Jenny Morlan, Cathy Hinders

July 1-August 17

September 6-26

October 1-21

October 25-November 18

November 26-December 14


January 3-21

January 29-February 17
Nancy Dwyer, Paul Krainak, Cathy Griffin, Royce Howes, Jim Chatelain

February 22-March 16

March 28-April 21

March 28-April 21

April 26-May 9
38th Annual Student Competition
Jurors: Alan Sondheim and Zenia Zed, Art Papers, Atlanta, GA

May 13-20
Mercedes Saldarriaga, Madeline Simos

May 23-30
Andrea Laborde, Joanne Barthelmes, Salley Yelkin, Kenny Shipley

June 7-July 25

August 1-29

September 26-October 20

October 24-November 24

December 3-15

Ewing Gallery of Art and Architecture
College of Arts & Sciences

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Knoxville, TN 37996-2410
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