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Ellen Fullman: The Long Stringed Instrument

Ellen Fullman’s LONG STRING INSTRUMENT will be installed at the Ewing Gallery of Art & Architecture––a featured event at the Sixth International Conference on Music & Minimalism, hosted by the nief-norf Summer Festival. [photo by Kjeldo]

In collaboration with cellist Theresa Wong, Fullman will perform “Harbors.”

“The piece, entitled ‘Harbors,’ evokes ghosts of renegade string sections and Ennio Morricone’s harmonica motifs. The increasingly colorful mélange of wavering notes and their errant reflections sound like the thrum of vibrant light.”
– Sam Lefebvre, Impose Magazine

“Fullman’s Long String Instrument creates a sense of majestic vastness, its lines stretching off towards an implied infinity. Listening to it, you feel like you are inside some cyclopean subterranean grotto… its bejewelled walls glistening with an alien lustre.”
– Biba Kopf, The Wire

Tickets $15

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