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November exhibition


The Ewing Gallery is excited to present: The View Out His Window (and in his mind’s eye): Photographs by Jeffery Becton.

Jeffery Becton is a photographer and image-maker who lives on Deer Isle, a rocky and forested island off the coast of Maine. Becton makes work, in part, about his surroundings. The extraordinary sweeping coastal views that are such a part of daily life when one lives by the sea are often incorporated into his images. Equally critical is internal life, both the space inside the home (and the comfort and protection it provides from northern New England’s inclement weather), and the introspective and contemplative space that enlivens one’s imagination, which is no doubt encouraged in this stunning and remote location.

Becton makes rather than takes images. Beginning in the early 1990s—technological light years ago—he began experimenting with digital montage, creating images by fusing visual information from photographs, and scans of and from paintings, drawings and other materials into his compositions. Over the years, the subtlety and complexity of his imagery and ideas has evolved along with a fluid inventiveness and mastery of digital processes. To create this work, reproduced in this publication, he photographed, painted, layered, fused, and altered digital imagery from myriad sources, and then seamlessly constructed pictures that combine hyperreal detail, highly improbable views, and the unexplainable. In these sublime and illusory images, Becton shares this imagined and altered view from his Down East island home, while inviting us into the mysterious world in his mind’s eye.

Becton’s imagery has become increasingly strong and complex, and it has gained considerable attention in New England in recent years. Many of the extraordinary works in this exhibition will be the largest he has created. The View Out His Window will introduce Becton’s work to a national audience, along with the accompanying large format hardcover book, Jeffery Becton: The Farthest House (2015), which is the exhibition catalogue.

The exhibition is curated by Bates Museum of Art (Lewiston, ME) Director Dan Mills.

Also in the gallery will be an exhibition of works by former University of Tennessee school of art professors, Richard Clarke, Holly Stevens, and Carl Sublett. Clarke, Stevens, and Sublett spent time working and painting in and around Deer Isle.